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Nomad for Cycling

Bike Friendly Pressure Washers

Bikes. You thrash them, abuse them, ride them through mud and streams.

Then whip them off home in your car. Either in the boot or on a rack – risking messing up your car or drying the gloop on hard to your bike making it even harder to clean when you do get the chance to clean it.

There is another way, however.

With a Nomad™ portable pressure washer you can treat your pride and joy – that you've probably spent a lot of money on – to a quick shower before taking it home. It's better for your bike, saves you time, and is lot less hassle.

Benefits for bikes

Wash wet, wash once – is what we say

  • Effective and efficient cleaning with the minimal amount of water
  • Fully adjustable spray – for cleaning larger coatings of mud to getting into the gaps of your rear cassette, SPDs
  • Safe on seals
  • Prolongs the life of your drive-train when used in conjunction with good cleaning fluids and lubes.

Benefits for users

the Nomad mountain bike pressure washer or portable jet wash is about convenience and saving time

  • Clean your bike before the mud dries, saving you time when you get home.
  • Avoid dragging that outdoors into your car
  • A clean bike is a happy bike – helps prolong the life of your drive train.
  • You can even wash yourself down with it
  • Quick assembly and disassembly.
  • Handy size for storing in the back of your car.
  • Auto-corded 12 volt model, or 18 volt cordless with rechargeable battery.
  • 18 volt cordless gives around half and hour of constant cleaning per battery charge. That's four tankfuls – 56 litres (around 12 gallons) – enough to clean about 12 bikes.
  • Extremely quiet in operation, letting you hold a conversation at the same time.

What you say - Professional riders

Nick Craig

Scott Bikes sponsored Nick Craig seven times National Champion: "I do not like to see bikes using a jet wash as I know the damage to the bearings is an expensive and time consuming job. My Nomad portable pressure washer hits the spot for the right amount of power to clean and not too much to strip the grease".

Pictures by Joolze Dymond

Oli Beckingsale

Giant Bikes sponsored Oli Beckingsale, the 2009 National cross country and marathon champion: "Since I took delivery of my portable jet wash it has saved the day several times already. None more so than at an International race in Germany that was a mud bath. The queue for the jet wash was 1hr long, but with the Nomad [18 V] my mechanic was able to wash the bike quickly after practice and in the race". "Easy to use, compact and does the job. I do not go to a race without it now"

Matt Hart's TORQ Performance Team

"...the Nomad pressure washer is fantastic"

What you say - Pro Partners

British Cycling asked us to provide the Official Bike Wash at the UCI World Cup Cross Country Race at Dalby Forest.

The world's pro-elite men, women, team mechanics, team managers, British Cycling, the UCI and other event organisers couldn't have been more impressed. Eight battery-powered Nomad pressure washers were used to clean hundreds of bikes over the weekend, not forgetting lots of bottles, bodies and pots and pans!

We used only 1,000 litres of water all weekend – 72 tank fulls. Not even 10 fill-ups each. And less than 20 battery swaps – impressive to say the least. Quiet, powerful, efficient and easy to use.

Demonstration teams

These leading bike manufacturers' demonstration teams that travel the UK with fleets of test bikes lending them, to prospective customers are also highly valued Nomad 18 V customers such as:

Al Seaton – Wheelie Cool

"Just a quick e-mail to let you know that the Nomad jet washers went down a storm at the weekend. From my perspective they are absolutely awesome; they seem to be more powerful than the original [Dirtworker], but very easy to control and the ability to get rid of all the mud / sand off the bike will undoubtedly increase the life of a bike and its components."

Helen Powel - Get Mountain Biking

"Over all it strikes me as more robust than the Dirtworker - although the Dirtworker hasn't failed me in 3 years. The Nomad pressure washer gives the impression of being more heavy duty (thicker hoses, more powerful, better gun etc)."

Dave Young's – Young's Mountain Bike Instruction

"Nomad is top drawer."

Martin Hills owner of Singletrack Safari

"The quality of the product is fantastic, everything clunks and clicks reassuringly solidly- even the spray gun feels super-solid!"

Craig Scott of Cyclewise, Whinlatter Forest:

"An easy to use powerful spray, with enough water capacity to clean three bikes, the perfect size for the back of the car, and doesn't need plugging in"