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The world’s first cordless portable pressure washer.
The ultimate combination of portability and cleaning performance.
Powered by a professional 18 volt cordless tool battery.
14 litre water tank.
Nomad 18v Cordless Buy Now
Nomad 18v Cordless Buy Now

21 March 2016. Update

Our new factory has just completed a short production run and is busy evaluating it so that it meets the robust quality standards of a Nomad. This includes drop tests, switching on and off 3000 times, door latch test - 3000 times. Improvements have been made to the pump’s durability and to the battery and charger. This and the product certification are likely to mid/late April and production in May. Delivery is expected in the UK in late May and June.

In the meantime we now have a few spare parts available but are unable to carry out any repairs until we get the main supply of new Nomads, batteries, chargers etc.

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The first time you use one of the Nomad portable pressure washers, you’ll experience a Eureka moment.

You'll have discovered a portable stream of water, strong enough to clean the muck off a bike, yet gentle enough to wash a horse or a dog. All powered by a very high quality removable rechargeable battery. A Nomad will save you time, effort and hassle. It’s quick to set up, takes very little room and saves water. Essential kit for cleaning on the go.

To find out more take a look around; the choice of product is simple: a Nomad 18V Cordless pressure washer then just pick your colour - Orange or Green.

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  • Engineering excellence –from a leading US/global manufacturer
  • Powerful pumps and quality rechargeable batteries
  • Customer-inspired ergonomic design
  • Super-fast, 24 hour delivery via tracked FedEx
  • Full 14-day, money back guarantee
  • Dedicated customer support and spares back up
  • Recyclable materials used throughout
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